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By Husband Nana Kofi Aboagye-Nyame


Dear Maggie,

Nana Kofi Aboagye-Nyame

Nana Kofi Aboagye-Nyame

It’s been almost two months now, since you left home never to return and I miss you terribly. However, looking back at our lives, I guess I have little to complain about. We met and fell in love in 1964-some 50years ago while you were working as a sales girl with Bata Shoe Company and I, a young pharmacist working with the Tarkwa Government Hospital. We had our marriage blessed in April 1969. During our 50 years together, God blessed us with Six (6) children with five (5) alive and pursuing their lives outside the country. As husband and wife, determined to make our life pleasant and enjoyable as possible, you sought to secure a career for yourself and therefore entered Mancells Vocational Institute in Kumasi to learn dressmaking. When I was awarded a scholarship to study in London in 1969, you joined me. While there, you enrolled in a dress making school where you obtained a diploma in Fashion Design.

In 1972, when you returned from London, you joined me in Bolgatanga where you begun a business in dressmaking. When I was transferred to Kumasi in 1975, you joined me and in no time, your dressmaking business metamorphosed into a big industry known as Gay Girl Garment Factory, supplying clothes to secondary schools and big trading houses such Kingsway, UTC and Glamour stores spread across the country. In Kumasi, your business acumen blossomed, and you also set up Boayam Enterprise, a coldstore to trade in fish, beef and others. Being a caring and loving wife, you followed me wherever I went. You therefore did not hesitate to stop whatever you were doing in Kumasi to join me when I resigned from the Ministry of Health and decided to move to Accra in 1979.
In Accra, a new light dawned on your business. You stopped sewing and started trading in suiting materials and wedding dresses which compelled you to travel to USA and London very often to purchase your stocks. You nurtured this new light to grow into the now great Manyame Bridals located in the Swanzy Arcade and Global building in Accra. Efua, a famous writer once wrote –

“Those who leave the scene of life feel not the pain of parting. The shock and pain are felt by those left behind.”

It is therefore very difficult for me to come to terms with the reality of the situation that you are no longer here and that you have passed on. Today, on the occasion of the celebration of your life, your children, Kofi Nyame, Afia Brago, Adwoa Amoakoa, Panyin, Kakra, Maame Ahenfua, and your grandchildren, join me to salute you and to say “Well Done”. I on my part, take this opportunity to thank the Good Lord for all his mercies and for giving me such a virtuous personality as my partner.

Parting, it is said, is the lot of all mankind, however, when death separates a couple who have been together for about 50 blissful years, then it is something else-especially in my current predicament.
Maggie, I know I don’t have to grieve for you – for now you are free. You are following the path God laid for you. You took his hand when you heard him call. You turned your back and left it all. You could not stay another day, to laugh, to love, to work or to play. Tasks left undone will stay that way. You found that peace at the close of day.

Efua Maggie, your parting has left a void. Indeed you have been a strong pillar of strength in our family life and have always been there for us. Who will take care of me now? However, I am confident that the Lord knows best. I continue to lift up my heart in gratitude to the Lord, for he gave and he has taken.

Maggie, you left us on Assumption Day. I believe that you are with our Blessed Mother and her son Jesus Christ, our saviour.

Efua Ahenfua Maggie, da yie!


Kofi Nyame


Agartha Appiah


Adelaide Mensah


Peter Aboagye-Nyame


Paul Aboagye-Nyame


Margaret Quansah


Our dear mother, Margaret “Auntie Maggie” Aboagye-Nyame went to be with Christ on August 15, 2014. It was a sad and touching moment for us, yet it was mixed with relief and joy since she had fought a battle with cancer, and was now at rest. We will miss her more than words could ever say. But we look forward to seeing her again. Mother was a mighty tree. That tree did not fall on August 15th; it just got uprooted and planted in the garden in heaven. She went home.

In paying tribute to our Mother, I genuinely feel that words are inadequate; there are not enough words in the English language to describe Auntie Maggie, our mother. One thing we do know: she would not want us to eulogize her, or exalt her in any way, but to magnify the grace of God in her. In paying tribute to my mother I would mention the following

A TRUE MOTHER – Mother was the definition of a sweet, loving, great and caring mother. Take a look at any picture album of any major family milestone celebration such as a birthday, a graduation, a baptism, a birth, a marriage and you will notice that the one with the beaming smile and a great sense of pride is Mother. She did not miss our graduations or the graduations of our children. Today I am reminded of the graduation of her first grandchild, Nana Ama Appiah. Mother stood up proudly and applauded with joy as Nana gave the commencement speech, as Senior Class President. After the graduation ceremony, her smiling did not cease and her pride as a grandmother did not fade. I am reminded of my own college graduation in New Jersey. I remember looking up to see where she was sitting with the rest of the family and all I could see was her radiant smile and I could feel her pride in me.

Today I am reminded of my big brother Kofi Nyame’s 40th birthday party in Virginia. Mum was there, so was my sister Afia, Eva, Kofi’s kids, other family members and friends. I remember the happy moment when Mother declared that she wanted to dance with my big brother because she was the one who brought him into this earth. I watched with joy as they danced and celebrated. Mother was the life of every party. Who can forget how she loved to dance. The look of joy on her face as she danced to her favorite songs.

Who can forget the wedding of Brago. I am reminded of the happiness on Mother’s face as she and Dad escorted Brago to the alter. She was overjoyed to give her daughter away and proudly declared that she is participating in the part of the ceremony usually reserved for the father.

She was so overjoyed on Ahenfua’s wedding day that she could not help but place a big badge on her chest with the inscription “Mother of the Bride” making Ahenfua feel so proud. Recently, Mother talked all the time about how she was looking forward to her 14th grandchild. Alas, you will not be here to receive your grandchild. Indeed Ahenfua’s cry today is “who will take care of my child”.
“Soldier Man” as Mother affectionately called my twin brother Paul, will miss the little and big quarrels with Mum.

Mother called each of us on our birthdays without fail. She called our children and our spouses on their birthdays and offered messages of hope. Her favorite saying to me on my birthdays was “You are now growing old, my son. When are you giving me another grand child?” She always closed with a reminder to go to church and give my life to Christ. Indeed it was very difficult this year when on Brago’s birthday we were celebrating Mother’s one week instead of she calling to remind us of Brago’s birthday!

At the time of her passing, Mother had 13 grandchildren. Her twin sons and twin granddaughters were born on the 13th day of the same month. She passed away on the 15th day of the month and her last grandchild was born on the 15th of the month. Her twin sons were born in 1974 and she passed when she reached the age of 74.

HER SELFLESSNESS – Mother could never be charged with selfishness. She was a giving and caring person, to a fault. She would give you the shirt off her back if you asked. Mother was utterly selfless. She was always thinking of others before herself. “It is more blessed to give than to receive” was something she really believed in, and she lived accordingly. Mother would, and often did, do without herself so that others might have. She lived to make other people happy. We as children never had to worry about hitting hard times in life. We had our mother and she never stopped taking care of us.

Mother loved her business and dedicated the majority of her life to her work. She successfully built a business and over 25 years later, ended up with a profitable and successful company. I remember meeting her in New York City during one of her business trips. I watched and helped her go from shop to shop and work on moving boxes full of products. Mother could literally spend the whole day walking from street to street, shop to shop, buying goods. On one of my trips with her, I was exhausted by midday and mother did not show any signs of slowing down. Her work ethic was something to be marveled. Mother worked hard until her untimely death and she loved her business. On her deathbed, she told us why she worked so hard. She did not work all those years to acquire wealth and a social status for herself. She told us all her hard work was for us, her children. That is how selfless mother was.

HER SWEETNESS – “Mother was a lovely Christian woman and a role model.” “I looked forward to seeing Auntie Maggie at church every Sunday because of her grace, charm and humility” These tributes were uttered frequently by some of our family members at church. Her natural beauty was enhanced by an inner beauty – she radiated loveliness to all she met. Even in her pain and sickness, mother never lost her sweet Christian spirit. She was always thankful to all who did the least thing for her. At times when she was so unwell she still sought to greet everyone with a smile.

HER PRAYERS – Mum was a woman of prayer. She never left anyone of us without reminding us to pray always and often. Her favorite saying to us was to “Give ourselves to God.” Our earliest memories as children were waking up at the dawn of the day and joining our mother and father for prayers and dedications. Mother always made sure that we did come to prayer meetings because we were required to. She made sure that we enjoyed the time we spent with God and the family.

Ahenfua recalls her first day at St. Roses, when she was anxious to enter the school gates and begin a new phase of her life, Mother called her back after she stepped out of the car and handed her a bible and a new rosary and said, “never forget to make these two items your companion” Such was her desire for her children.

She prayed for her family and loved ones, right up to the end of her life. She prayed regularly for God to touch the lives of her children, her husband, her friends, church family, her grandchildren and everyone that she came into contact with. From her sickbed she prayed for all of us as a family individually. And her prayers got answers! Our mother was a prayer-warrior. We shall miss her prayers.

Adjoa Amoakoa recalls how before every trip she will say the Blessing of St. Anthony of Padua three times –

“Behold the cross of the Lord, fly ye O powers of darkness, the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David has conquered, Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia!!!”

HER SERVICE – What can I say of mother’s service to God? We all remember her as the warm face that greets us when we come to church, ushers us to our seats and direct us during the church service. Mother served all, regardless of age or social status. After the initial cancer diagnosis and Mother realized the seriousness of her condition, she said, “I came to do God’s work and my job is almost done. It is up to you, my children to carry on and be servants of God.”

In her last great battle, in the midst of great sickness and suffering, she never complained, nor spoke a word against the Lord. She fought a good fight, finished her course, and kept the faith. Our mother was, and is, an inspiration to us, to her family, and also to the wider family of God. May we seek, by God’s grace, to take up and carry that torch that she laid down on the day of her passing.
We shall all miss you Maa! However, we look forward to the great day of reunion in the mansions of the blessed.

Maa da yie! Nyame efa wo nsie dwoo dwoo!!!

Tribute By Grandchildren

kofinyame Afia Bragos Children Adjoa Panyin Kakras Children

Eva, Kwabena, Abeiku, Aba and Joe

To have known our mom-in-law is to have known a great woman. Maa, Auntie Maggie, Aunt Efua is how we referred to her, depending on the mood. But whatever we called her, it was always with respect, affection and love.

Aunty Maggie was an epitome of courage, strength and power. She believed in herself and in God. She was much more intelligent than most and demonstrated that in a variety of ways. She touched many lives and had unmatched kindness in her heart. She lived life to the fullest, and we’re grateful to God for the time we had with her, spanning 23 years, whether in Accra, London, Alexandria VA, Rahway NJ or Pickerington OH. She didn’t always agree with us, but she respected our choices for our families, because she was always that supportive of us.

She loved her children and lived for them. She loved us, her in-laws, because her children chose us. She was a doting grandma for all her 13 grandchildren. Our birthdays, anniversaries and graduations will not be the same without her. Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday will never be the same without Auntie Maggie. Visits to Macy’s, Costco and DSW will not be the same because those were her favorite stores.

Aunty Maggie is always in our hearts and in our memories. Though life goes on it will never be the same again because she took a part of it with her.

Maa, we thank you for entrusting your children to us. We thank you for loving us as your own. We wish you goodbye and hope to meet you again, when the saints go marching in.

Maa, rest in peace. Your time on earth was worthwhile, you lived a full and accomplished life, and you were a great mom. You have earned your wings and they are golden.

Damirifa duei……Aunty Maggie, asekonofo), damirifa duei!

Aunt Efua, may God grant you a peaceful rest in his bosom.

Damirifa Duei!


Her death was so sudden and shocking, it shook the very ground the family was standing on.

The family is still in shock and asking why? How did it happen? But who can question God. The Good Book tells us that His thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are our ways His ways, but then in everything we should give thanks; for this is His will for us in Christ Jesus.

Maggie, as we affectionately called her, was a senior and matured sister who deserved all the respect due her. We were born three children, but death took away our parents at our tender ages, she acted as our mother and instilled in us love, unity and togetherness, the cord that binds us together. We pray and hope that notwithstanding her passing, the cord of unity, love and togetherness that binds us will not be loosened but will rather be tightened.

Maggie was a very caring sister who was always ready to assist us in all situations. She was the rally point around which the family organized all its programmes such as weddings, parties, naming ceremonies, etc. and she will always avail her house for such occasions. Her financial support, organizational skills and passion for detail and excellence will always be remembered. Maggie displayed her “motherly” qualities, as she would constantly call to enquire about our families’ health and happiness even when she traveled on her business trips.

We will miss her Christmas and The New Year messages especially to our children whom she referred to as “my children”. We will forever remember Maggie for her kind heart and for her warmth. She was in good health when she last travelled but unfortunately she fell sick and thought she could have stayed longer; however we are grateful to God for her life, services and legacy.

Indeed a mighty tree has fallen and uprooted, and a vacuum has been created.

Sister, Da Yie
Maggie, nyame nfa wo nsie

Remember your creator in the days of your youth……………

Ecclesiastes 12: 1a

On that fateful day when we received information that you had passed on to eternity, we screamed in disbelief and we wished it were not true. What a shock! When did you fall sick? How did it happen?

Our dearest aunty and mum whom we secretly called “Life woman” never complained of sickness. We are really in doubt of the truth. You were so kind, generous and full of life. You were so concerned about our well-being and never refused to help us when there was the need to.

Maa Maggie as we affectionately called her, was really a tremendous and generous woman and a great mum to all of us. We do recollect as far as our childhood days till now that we are adults, how she readily welcomed us anytime she was approached and the good listening ear she always gave us. Her doors were always open to us. Her relationship with us and even our children depicted all the good qualities of a virtuous, industrious, indispensable and wonderful woman and mother.

Maa Maggie, we very much appreciate the immense role you played in our lives and the kind support you gave us when times were tough for us. We will forever remember you for the invaluable roles you played during our marriage ceremonies and all other family related events.

Maa Maggie, your demise has really created a big vacuum that can never be filled in any form. Who are we going to present our issues to? Who is going to give us the support you gave us? Who is going to play that elderly role you played in our lives? In fact, we have really lost a great soul who has been a great and fortified pillar in our family. We very much appreciate all that you have done for us.
Maa, you have really fought a good fight on earth. Your absence has been felt, being felt and will forever be felt.

Maa, may the good Lord still guide your soul as you have crossed to the other side of the river. And we know for sure that you are resting in the bosom of the Almighty the giver and taker of life.

Maa rest in perfect peace.
Damirefa due! Damerifa due!!

Uprising – Serwaah – Kwaku – Maafia

We Will Never Forget

Maa was a wonderful mother, grandmother, wife and friend. She loved spending time with her husband and family. I remember all the wonderful things that she did as I grew up. She was always there for me, and for all of us, regardless of what direction we took or what happened in our lives. I especially loved to watch her eyes light up whenever she saw any of her grandchildren especially Ewura who used to stand by her bed side during the time of her sickness and look at her passionately as if she understood what our mother and grandmum was going through.

The blow was hard, the shock severe, we never dreamed your death so near. But only those who love can tell the pain of parting without farewell. God give us strength to face this blow. What it meant losing you, no one will know. To hear your voice, to see your smile, to sit and talk with you awhile, to be together in the same old way would be our dearest wish today. God saw you getting tired and a cure was not to be.

So He put His arms around you and whispered, “Come to me.” With tearful eyes we watched you suffer and saw you fade away. Although we loved you dearly, we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best. But loving memories never die as years roll on and days go by in our hearts a memory is kept of the one we love and will never forget.

Maa me ma wo demirifa due!

By Afia Serwaa Aboagye-Nyame (aka Maafia)


“For I am ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith. Henceforth, there is laid up for me a crown for righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day; and not to me only, but unto all them also that love his appearing.”
II Timothy 4:6-8

Sometimes God picks the flower that is still in full bloom. Sometimes the rosebud’s chosen, we feel He’s picked too soon. Sometimes the flower is fading with petals floating down but God knows the perfect time to gather flowers from the ground.

There is a heavenly garden in which God takes great pleasure because He’s placed within it the loved ones that we treasure. He walks among the blossoms giving them eternal rest and I know that it must please Him because He chose our very best.

Maa nante yie

By Florence Serwaa Mensah


A precious one from us has gone. A voice we love is still. A place is vacant in our hearts, which no one else can fill. After our lonely heartaches and our silent tears, we will always have beautiful memories of the one we loved so dear. Servant of God, well done! Rest from thy love employs. The battle is fought, the victory won. Enter thy Master’s joy.

If we could have a lifetime wish, a dream that would come true, we would pray to God with all our hearts for a yesterday and you. A thousand words can’t bring you back, we know, because we tried, and neither will a million tears, we know, because we cried.  You left behind our broken hearts and happy memories too. But we never wanted memories we only wanted you.

May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace

By Mohammed Sidiq (aka Uprising)


Farewell Aunty Maggie!

Maa as we affectionately called her, was created by God to be admired, cherished, respected and loved; she was of a gentle disposition, simple, humble, caring and very homely. She was self-sacrificing, selfless and humane. Auntie Maggie was not discriminatory and welcomed the rich, poor, the young and the old. Our home was their home. Her philosophy was “Nnipa ho hia sen sika”.

Farewell Aunty Maggie, farewell Maa, farewell Maa Manyame. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Until we meet again, your good deeds and spirit still lives on. Amen

By Peter Kwaku Aboagye

Sampson, Selina, Mavis, Sarah, Phidelia, Elizabeth, Diana, Blessing, Florence


A good name is better than fine perfume, and the days of death better than the days of birth, it is better to go to a house of in mourning than to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyman, the living should take this to heart. Amen – Eccl 7: 1-2

We write this tribute with very heavy hearts, because we have lost a great spiritual mentor and a confident mother. Mrs. Margaret Aboagye-Nyame was a good woman, a mother we can never forget in our lives – a woman of vision who understands business and a mother who could feed thousands of people.

15th August 2014 will always be remembered as a sad and memorable day in our lives, for that day cruel death laid its icy hands on you. Auntie Maggie was a mother who advised us, chatted with and treated us like her own children. She was very nice to customers and helped us to attend to them.

Now that you have left us, see how emotionally wounded we are? How long will it take for these wounds to heal? Even though, through Christ our resurrection, the wounds will heal, the scars of our wounds will always remind us of your absence.

Mummy, we love you, but God loves you best.

May your soul rest in perfect peace

Damirifa duei: Maa duei duei duei!

By James and Veronica Frempong

“Now the labourer’s task is o’er;
Now the battle day is past;
Now upon the farthest shore
Land the voyager at last.
Holy Mary, in thy gracious keeping
Leave we now thy servant,
Margaret Aboagye-Nyame sleeping”

It is with great sorrow and sadness that l write this tribute to the memory of Mrs. Margaret Aboagye-Nyame affectionately called Auntie Maggie on behalf of Veronica and myself. I met Mr. & Mrs. Aboagye-Nyame for the first time in 1980 in my mother-in law’s house at Oforikrom in Kumasi. They happened to be a very good family friend of my wife’s mother and they were all strong Catholics. The relationship between us grew such that many of our friends thought Auntie Maggie was my wife’s biological mother.

It so happened that my wife and l went to live in London and at the same time Auntie Maggie was trading between Accra and London. It was natural therefore that whenever she was in London, she stayed with us in our flat in Stockwell. Whenever we also visited Ghana on holidays, we stayed with them at their residence in Odorkor and later at South McCarthy hill. We have been so close since then and almost all her children who visited UK came to live in our home at sometime. This is the relationship that we have built with the person whose mortal remains lie before us today.

When my wife and I relocated finally to Ghana in 1993, the relationship between us grew stronger because we could see each other more often. My wife who was then a Catholic worshipped with them every Sunday at St Theresa’ Catholic Church until she joined me at Kaneshie Presbyterian Church. She considered my wife her eldest child and they spoke to each other almost everyday wherever she was in town.

Auntie Maggie was an extremely beautiful woman and looked younger than her age. She was very hardworking and spent so much time travelling on business trips to stock her boutique – Manyame Enterprise. You can never get bored with Auntie Maggie as she will engage you in conversation all the time. My sisters, brother and all my relations knew her so well. My old lady as well as my wife’s mum are so distressed about her passing away. Incidentally none of them is present at this funeral because of old age.

She was very warm and kindhearted woman, very sociable and a philanthropist whose home was open to all. It is really hard to accept that Auntie Maggie is no more. My wife and l will always have precious memories of her in our hearts. Our condolences go especially to Nana Kofi Aboagye-Nyame, the widower and the children Kofi Nyame, Agatha, Baby, Atta Panyin and Kakra.

May the good Lord give you the heart to be able to cope with such great loss.

Auntie Maggie, Have a peaceful rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Auntie Maggie, Rest in Perfect Peace. AMEN


Now the day is over
The earth’s bitter struggles and happy moments have come to an end
Of the departed, the thoughts of the earths encounters,
Like a picture on a video screen, play across the minds of lovers.

As I reflect on my encounter with Auntie Maggie, an outstanding woman of no mean degree and a noble lady in her own right, several attributes come to mind but I will dwell on just a few for lack of time.

The one attribute that I can easily recall is her uncompromising DESIRE TO SUCCEED IN LIFE. She knew success did not come on a silver platter and she assiduously worked for it. In the late sixties when I met Maggie for the first time in London, she was attending a Fashion Design School. In fact I had the opportunity of sharing with her and her husband their small campus apartment. I can recall the number of times when she would come home tired and panting every evening. It was a winter season and she had to walk some distance home in the biting cold, at times carrying the groceries in her hands, she would rest just a little and start preparation of the evening meal. It was not easy in those days, not many women could withstand the rigors of the times, but with determination Maggie did it with flying colors.

A few years later, in 1971 to be precise, I came to Ghana to meet Maggie and her husband for the second time. This was in Kumasi. Maggie was passionately pursuing her sewing business, the “workaholic lady” was sewing fashion dresses for departmental stores across the nation and at the same time distributing other items such as meat, drinks, provisions etc. to various organizations. Her passion to not just survive but to achieve a respectable place in life was amazing.

This has been her life style throughout the years that I have known Maggie. She has always been a woman of CLASS, with a clear vision of what and how she wanted to appear in life and that way she maintained till the end.

In the late seventies, when the family moved down to Accra she brought along with her the sewing business. It had been a great asset in terms of survival but with time she found it necessary to change it or shall I say “vary it”. She formed Manyame Enterprise and begun to deal mostly in ready-made dresses. Her up-and-down business, i.e. Ghana-US-Ghana, now focused mainly on fashion dresses, mostly wedding dresses. This in all probability paid off, as is evidenced in the great legacy she left behind, MANYAME BRIDAL stores in and around Kingsway premises.

I remember with fond memories underground train journeys we made together from Bronx to Downtown Manhattan in New York, USA. I remember also the numerous stores we visited and the various business transactions you executed. I will miss you greatly when I go back to New York. I will have nobody to shop with; my great shopping companion is gone. It is hard to believe. It is still harder to believe that you will be there no more to offer invaluable advice and consultations. I have always regarded you as my trusted confidant, an unsolicited advisor and consultant. Now my great advisor and “consultant-general” is gone and no more. I fondly remember the routine chats we have had time and again concerning life issues – some personal, some political, some business, some relevant and some, perhaps, even not relevant. Oh Maggie, you were too close to be lost! I wish I had the power like Jesus to wake you up.

I have volumes of tributes to pay to this great woman but in addition to what I have already said, I would only summarize the most dominant ones as: very religious and church minded, very sociable, a strong family woman who deeply cared about her husband and children, very intelligent and an astute business woman. Her workers will always remember her as very kind but also unflinching. If you are good and hardworking she would give you all the encouragement, if not she will not hesitate to show you the exit. Another dominant feature of hers is her philanthropic nature. She donates everywhere she went: in churches social gatherings and in work and business circles.

Auntie Maggie has left us suddenly. This is a pill too bitter for us – your family members, friends, and lovers – to swallow. We can never understand this but your creator knows best. He probably sent you on an assignment. He knew you have finished with your work on earth and needs you back in heaven. Our consolation is that you are going back to the Father in heaven. May your soul rest in perfect peace.

Fare thee well, Maggie, Fare thee dear one, as you journey back home to your maker.




“God holds the key to all unknown. And I am glad if other hands should hold the key for if He trusted it to me, I might be sad.
Song composed by Rev. Parker.

We are saddened by your sudden demise. With tears in our eyes we accept that this decision is from God the Most High. He knows best. Fare thee well Maggie. Rest peacefully in the arms of the Lord.

By Patricia A. Boateng


God stays close to us even in death. When someone we love is nearing death, we may become angry and feel abandoned. But believers are gracious to God, and He carefully chooses the time when they will be called into His presence. Let this truth provide comfort when you have lost a loved one. God sees, and each life is valuable to Him. Life is fragile and fleeting.

Fare thee well dear Friend. I will greatly miss you. Rest in peace with your maker.

By Cecilia Clarke-Nortey


“Oh what can the bereaved friends say? For death has claimed our friend”. We are sad but we believe it is not the end. May our Lord protect us from despair and keep our sister in his care. My friend and “name sake”, Maggie was generous to a fault. She always consulted me on so many issues before making a final decision. I called her when I heard she had gone to the states for further treatment. She sounded cheerful: after a short prayer. As death is always a mystery I never expected this short illness to end her life. I always admire her for not complaining about any ailment. Being a Mariam devotee her maker chose to call her on the feast of the Assumption of the BVM – August 15, 20 14. May Mother Mary our mediatrix lead you to our father Abraham. God be with you till we meet again. Amen

By Margaret Keelson.


Dear Maggie,

How are you? Are you still feeling that unbearable pain? No! Because your maker loves you. He has ended it by taking you to eternity’s peaceful rest in his Bossom where there is neither pain nor sorrow. The last time we spoke was at your niece’s wedding. Where you were very healthy, looking so lovely, radiant and as usual cracked a lot of jokes and urging us to take pictures. I was really shocked when I heard the bad news that you had passed away. Your death was so sudden and swift. Maggie you are with God and all your friends will think of you for your sense of humour, kindness and accomplished life. In his heart a man plans his course but the Lord determines his steps. (Prov. 19:21). Maggie rest peacefully in the bossom of your maker.

Damirifa Due, due ne Amanehun

By Huberta Dickson


May the Good Lord you served and to whom you devoted your life through all societies you belong grant you peaceful and eternal rest Amen.

By Ernestina Taylor


Maggie sits close to me at church. Now her seat is empty. I turned to see if she is around but my friend is forever no more. Who am I to complain? Your maker loves you more.

May your soul rest in perfect peace. Da yie me dofo pa

By Georgina Adubofour


Auntie Maggie was like a sister to me – in fact, she was like a twin sister. We shared an uncanny resemblance that made people assume that we were sisters. We didn’t help either – we used to wear the same outfits, coordinating our kaba and slit styles, which only served to make our resemblance more striking. Even my own children, on occasion, approached her thinking it was me.

We first met as parishners at St Theresa’s Catholic Church, where we both served as ushers. From there we cultivated a friendship that saw us through many sorrows and joys, many celebrations and many milestones. She was like another mother to my children. She was a listening ear when I needed one, a confidante when I needed one, and, above all, her strength, class and elegance, both in spirit and in body was always an inspiration to me.

Auntie Maggie, I will always remember the joyful times we shared – our coordinating lace outfits for many events, dancing in the aisles at church, shopping together, talking and laughing together. I remember when I cut a trip short to be there with you for your 70th birthday because I could not miss my sister’s birthday. I had hoped that we would share many more of your birthdays but our Father has called you home. I know you are with Him, still stylish, still classy, still the wonderful, loved and fabulous Auntie Maggie.

You will be dearly missed.

By Afua Owusua Abeberese



“If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labour for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ which is better by far, but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body”. – Philippians 1:22-23

Dear Sister, you have given us so much over the years since you joined St. Theresa’s Church Ushers, as far back as 1982. Your appreciation of beauty and good dressing led to the use of bow ties and caps by men and women ushers respectively. Parishioners admired your smile, and pairing with your good friend Mrs. Abebrese as you ushered. Parishioners who entered the church through the gate facing the main entrance to the church premises could always be sure of your infectious and welcome smile.

You would always ask all ushers to help organize things at the start of 2nd Mass. The church could always count on you to serve whenever there was one Mass or an occasion that brought a large congregation; in fact, the recent parish feast climax brings fond memories of you.

God took you for a purpose and we believe that the Angels will rather usher you in to Heaven to have eternal rest with your maker.

Rest in perfect peace.


For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain. But if to live in the flesh, — if this shall bring fruit from my work, then what shall I choose I know not.
Philippians 1: 21-22

Sister Margaret Aboagye-Nyame, whose life we celebrate today was born on March 22nd, 1940 and was initiated into the Noble Order of the Ladies of Marshall in Tamale in the year 1972. She sat and passed the lower degree examination of the Noble Order which qualified her for further advancement in the Order and as such rose to the enviable rank of Respected Lady.

In Sister Aboagye-Nyame, the Noble Order was blessed with a philanthropist. Sister was ever ready to give voluntarily and generously and punctiliously paid all her levies. Taking care of priests and seminarians was her priority. Very few can match her sympathy and generosity for the poor and needy in and outside her family. Respected lady and her dear husband Brother Kofi Aboagye-Nyame indeed supported the church spiritually and materially. Anytime Sister returned from her trips abroad she brought parcels and other goodies, which she freely gave out to Sisters at meetings. She was the most doting and devoted there could be.

Sister was committed to the Catholic upbringing and what it had done for her family. She is a very committed Christian with a clear position on never judging the next person. She was affable and was noted for her flamboyant dressing, which was admired by her peers.

Our dear Sister’s life was fulfilling. Despite her busy working regime she maintained active contact with her numerous lifelong friends. She was always on the move either attending to her business or engaging in come church activity.

The sudden passing of our dear Respected Lady Margaret Aboagye-Nyame took most Sisters by surprise. She had never been known by Sisters to have a history of life threatening brushes with illness, it was therefore a surprise to Sisters when she wrote to inform the Court that she was travelling to the United States of America for medical treatment. On her return form the USA she was admitted to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital where Sisters visited her.

We had explicit faith that she would soon recover and join her other Sisters who were recently elevated to the rank of Most Respected Lady; but we were shocked to her of her demise. Who are we to question the Almighty God? We mortals can only propose but it is the Omnipotent who disposes, to those who don’t believe in God, life on earth is all there is but like Paul, Sister Margaret can confidently say that dying would be even better than living because in death she would removed from worldly troubles and she would see Christ face to face.

And now to the husband Brother Kofi Aboagye-Nyame, the children and the extended family, the entire Marshallan fraternity convey our sincere condolences to you. May the master of the universe who deemed it fit to summon our dear Sister to eternity, grant her eternal rest.


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