Eva’s Resume


  • Masters in Business Administration (Finance and Marketing), University of Ghana Business School, Legon, 1994
  • BSc. Administration (Banking and Finance), University of Ghana Business School, Legon, 1991


  • Negotiation Skills (February 2003)
  • Micro-Finance and Rural Banking Systems for Developing Countries (January 2003)
  • Business Development Service Providers Workshop (September 2002)
  • Professional Business Writing Instructor Program (January 2002)
  • FUNDES Diagnostic Tool Transfer Program (September 2001)
  • FC Training on Finance and Strategic Management (September 1999)


Business Development Officer, Africa Project Development Facility (APDF) and Enterprise Support Services for Africa (ESSA), (Facilities of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group), May 1996 to June 2005

Worked in various positions with the Enterprise Support Services for Africa (ESSA) Project (May 1996 to March 2001) and Africa Project Development Facility (APDF) (April 2001 to June 2005), both Small and Medium Size Enterprise (SME)-focused facilities of the IFC of the World Bank Group. The APDF Project Cycle was completed in June 2005. My responsibilities in ESSA and APDF included –


  • Reviewed, both technical and financial proposals, for potential projects and recommended same to Regional Manager for approval.
  • Efficiently managed and supervised the implementation of Enterprise Support Services (ESS) projects for over thirty (30) small and medium sized companies with portfolio sizes in excess of US$600,000. Notable among my clients were micro finance institutions, schools, manufacturing companies, hospitals and press houses, among others.
  • Managed over twenty business advisory services (BAS) projects with a portfolio of over US$500,000 for SME clients.
  • Managed and supervised the implementation of ESS and BAS interventions for more than three (3) local business associations.
  • Managed the pilot phase of the Ghana Schools Financing Facility and Technical Assistance Program:  This program, with an initial funding of US$ 1 million, is a joint initiative among the IFC’s APDF, Health and Education Department (CHE), the Africa Department (CAF) and Treasury to provide local currency financing and technical assistance to private K-12 schools in Ghana. Under my management twenty schools were assisted with the preparation of business plans. In addition, ESS intervention was provided to the schools. The program is on-going.
  • Efficiently acted as Project Manager (ESSA) and Regional Manager (APDF) in the absence of the incumbents.


  • Provided training and capacity building expertise for ESSA and APDF
  • Reviewed and recommended training proposals submitted by facilitators to ESSA and APDF
  • Organized and managed firm-specific and group training programs for over 2000 participants from ESSA and APDF clients
  • Organized and managed training programs for APDF consultants and technical services providers – a budget of US$200,000, a total of 5 programs and over 500 participants
  • Organize and manage capacity building workshops for SME business associations
  • Organized three training programs for APDF staff
  • Provided in-house orientation and guidance for newly recruited Business Development Officers on ESS and capacity building interventions

Project Management

  • Provided in-house orientation and guidance for newly recruited Business Development Officers on ESS and capacity building interventions
  • Selected and recruited consultants, developed terms of reference for projects and contracts for several projects under ESSA and APDF
  • Conducted in-depth Company Diagnostics on APDF Clients
  • Developed Project Documents and Diagnostic Reports for APDF Clients

Information Sharing

  • As a key team member for the establishment of the ESSA Pilot Project in Accra, Ghana, shared all information with the APDF Harare, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Lagos and Abidjan offices during the implementation of ESS in those offices
  • Provided relevant information to the other Project Development Facilities of the IFC as required
  • Regularly provided status reports on on-going projects to other development partners

Development Partner-Related

  • Collaborated with the Ghana Poverty Reduction Program/Social Investment Fund to develop management information systems for nine of its partner Micro Finance Institutions/Non-Governmental Organizations (MFI/NGOs). The nine MFIs/NGOs are Cedi Finance Foundation, ENOWID, KRABAN, Women’s World Banking Ghana, Christian Rural Action Network, Management Aid, CAAD, Youth Development Foundation and Centre for the Development of the People
  • Collaborated with USAID to provide training for Community Action for Development, a micro finance institution in Tamale, Northern Ghana
  • Collaborated with UNDP/Government of Ghana Promoting Private Sector Development Program (PPSDP) Secretariat to develop a business plan for Association of Small Scale Carpenters, Joiners, and Furniture Manufacturers
  • Collaborated with UNDP/Government of Ghana PPSDP Secretariat to provide capacity building for 15 micro finance institutions
  • Collaborated with UNDP/Government of Ghana PPSDP Secretariat to prepare business plan documents for 5 projects under the President’s Special Initiative on Cassava Starch for Export Program
  • Collaborating with UNIDO, UNDP/Government of Ghana PPSDP Secretariat and Association of Ghana Industries to establish an Industrial Sub-contracting and Partnership Exchange for Ghanaian industries

Associate Investment Banker, Prime Investment Limited, Accra, Ghana, October 1994 to April 1996

Played a lead role in setting up Prime Investment Limited, a start-up company that sought to prepare and assist medium-sized companies for listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange. Put together the prospectus for a real-estate company that sought to raise US$1 million through the issuance of dollar-indexed bonds. Also assisted in organizing various training programs on Investment Banking topics for some bank employees.

Financial Analyst, Databank Financial Services Ltd., Accra, Ghana, July 1993 to September 1993

Conducted financial analysis and wrote evaluation reports for three financial institutions. Also analyzed the financial and managerial performance of three foreign institutions and developed a database of foreign inflow of funds into Ghana

Assistant to Finance Officer, University of Ghana Medical School, Accra, Ghana, October 1991 to August 1992

As National Service Personnel, I worked as the assistant to the Finance Officer of the University of Ghana Medical School. I was responsible for reviewing budgets that were submitted by the various departments of the school for accuracy and conformity, compiled and collated data on the monthly expenditures and incomes the departments made.


Awards Received

  • IFC Performance Award (June 2003)
  • IFC CSM Spot Award (June 2002)